Fusion Methodology

NeurOne™ Fusion Methodology is the only “Recollection Centric” classroom pedagogy in the world. Many institutions have benefited from this training. Most of the teachers who gone through this said that, “it is the best training program they have attended in their careers.”

Over 92% of the teachers teach to ensure student comprehension. Various teaching methodologies are used to make students understand the subjects. It does not however embed the process of ensuring Recollection. Many a times, teachers are in a hurry to complete the lesson plans. And the current exam evaluation process encourages only key based vertical thinking.

Over 85% of the students’ study at the last minute so that they can recollect within 48 hours.

Most students end up either “Knowing” the subject or are “Familiar” with it but have no ability to “Recollect”. Students who “Know” can recall in “Free” order. However, students with Recollection capability can do “Serial” and “Free” recall.

NeurOne™ - Center For Academic Excellence will be setup in respective Institutions who follow our regulations as negotiated.

Benefits to Teachers

  • Encourages active student participation
  • Improves student achievement
  • Makes sure that students do not get confused and eliminates repetitive teaching
  • Students are more motivated to learn as they get neural stimulation
  • Facilitates high leverage teaching by eliminating divided attention
  • Helps children focus on subject, practice under description rather than wander on chained concepts
  • Preparing students for real life applications
  • Help create better language skills
  • Stimulate deep learning

Benefits to Students

  • Less interference so that they do not get confused
  • Reduces overloading of short-term memory which will ensure concept correlation
  • Better neural & audio/visual pathing to ensure faster recollection
  • Increase critical thinking, creativity, analytical thinking skills
  • Content sensitive recall so that they can incrementally learn over multiple sessions
  • Involuntary memory recall
  • Increased long-term memory/short-term memory
  • Enhances photographic memory
  • Improves optimal revision

Benefits to Parents

  • Increases student achievement & learning
  • Students can remember and respond with reduced stress, anxiety & thereby improve their health
  • Better career planning
  • Increase surface learning that help students in writing competitive exams
  • Motivates students to learn and manage their own learning (autonomous learning)

Benefits to Schools

  • Increases student academic achievement
  • Improves teacher effectiveness
  • More students excelling in competitive exams
  • Better teacher retention
  • Improves interaction between all students and teachers
  • Reduces super-imposing/overloading which in turn decrease stress on the student

NeurOne Training for Teachers

  • The best Pedagogical training teachers can get in their career
  • Technique decks that include examples are given to teachers
  • Covers all Subjects and Languages
  • App (Android only) based FusionDecks of the techniques given free of cost
  • Training that can help teachers build achievers & performers
  • Multi-hour training

NeurOne Training for Students

  • Students will learn how to recollect in the fastest time with 95% completeness
  • Techniques to help them instantly recollect any subject
  • Techniques to completely avoid silly mistakes
  • Training to focus on keywords, numbers & signs
  • Training on how to quickly reconstruct long paragraphs & descriptions
  • Hands on examples to teach them to avoid overstepping, interference, cramming, overloading and decay
  • Technique decks that include examples are given to students
  • App and FusionDecks of the techniques given as a part of the package (Android only)
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Neuroscience has figured out why students make mistakes during their exams. Not just WHAT, but WHY. This knowledge is very powerful to both teachers and students. This knowledge is used to develop Recollection based Pedagogical Techniques so that students will not forget concepts for decades and make less mistakes in their exams