Vision - Mission



To be "The Largest Recollection Centric Educational Platform In The World."


Ensure "Recollection Centric Than Comprehension Centric Learning."

Learning a whole book in less than 1 hour. Making learning an easy, intersting and quick to memorize for long term recollection.

Millions of FusionCards using over 50+ different memory techniques, Nestor Analytics™ - FusionDecks™ have the most appropriate material for both structured & unstructured learning and self-development. We customize for individual institutions based on their subject preferences and materials.

Innovation Leader

Nestor Analytics™ has over 10 Million FusionDecks™ FusionCards in over 150+ different subjects.

Best Solutions & Approaches

Only Recollection driven FusionCards company in the world with over 50+ different patented cognitive Neuro-plasticity memory techniques used for enhancing student recollection experience. Abridged versions, Multimedia versions, Creative versions and Self-developing versions.

FusionDecks™ in over 10 million FusionCards and in 150+ subjects on varied platforms like Android/Linux/Windows/IOS supporting learners like phone and tablets like iPad, desktop & Android versions.

Quality Service & Support

We have enabled the auto customization according to individual learner and customize as per individual institution preferences depending on the material they provide.

Auto upgradation on annual basis and also we connect multiple platforms through cloud computing to provide best of services.


Neuroscience has figured out why students make mistakes during their exams. Not just WHAT, but WHY. This knowledge is very powerful to both teachers and students. This knowledge is used to develop Recollection based Pedagogical Techniques so that students will not forget concepts for decades and make less mistakes in their exams