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We also develop customized content using our pedagogical techniques for Add-on specializations, Career exams.

Recollection Workshops

We guide institutions and students in developing career opportunities

  • Recollection Techniques
  • Teacher Pedagogy Workshop
  • FusionCards Memory Techniques
  • Codifying Answer Sheets
  • Flash Learning
  • Student Note Making Techniques
  • Student Revision Techniques
  • Evaluating Types of Learners

Center for Academic Excellence using FusionDecks™ - Institutional Level

Individual Customization according to the need of learners in Institutions.

  • In-Depth Student Growth Analytics
  • FusionDecks™ Recollection Center Setup
  • Training for students & faculty
  • Personalized 24/7 customer support for Maintenance of whole setup.

Center for Recollection using FusionDecks™ - Organization Level

We deliver our services to Government and Private organizations on MOU basis.

  • In-Depth Growth Analytics
  • Multi-Functional FusionDecks™ creation for custom content using Recollection Pedagogy
  • Server Maintenance and Setup
  • Digitalizing Learning and Reading Environment.
  • Learning Materials customized as per Organizational needs.
  • 24/7 Customer Support
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Neuroscience has figured out why students make mistakes during their exams. Not just WHAT, but WHY. This knowledge is very powerful to both teachers and students. This knowledge is used to develop Recollection based Pedagogical Techniques so that students will not forget concepts for decades and make less mistakes in their exams